Our Guarantee

LCS guarantees our SEO servicesSEO Services compromise of many Marketing SEO techniques tha.... We pride ourselves of outstanding SEO results so we put in place a 120 days satisfaction guarantee. That is in the unlikely scenario you don’t yield significant results within 120 days from the purchase date of your service, we will continue working free until you receive significant positive ranking results with your nominated keywords.

Provided there has been no significant change in the search engine algorithms and if the following set of conditions are true:

  • You have maintained on your site the integrity of the SEO amends our SEO specialists have implemented.
  • You have approved and returned articles as required and within a week of being sent.
  • You did not achieve growth of rankings during the first 120 days, as determined by your initial keyword rank and the keyword rank there after 120 days.

To receive a service refund, check if all the above conditions have been met and then email us using the form below or ring us on +61431459847 advising us you qualify for free service.