Our Australian SEO Comapny has the support your small business needs to drive Google traffic growth online. Our Services for SEO, Australian Website Marketing, and CRO Consultants will get your products to your customers before your competitors do.

Our SEO Services and Packages can include article writing and social posts that help your business focus your digital online search marketing strategy on creating leading online content and leading online social integration.


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We guarantee the best quality online small business strategy and affordable packages for your website. Get your website ranked higher in natural search and on page #1 using our affordable options. Yes it can be done for an affordable price in Australia, despite all the big company scare tactics.


Affordable Quality SEO

Can affordable packages help you and do they really work?

Search Engine Optimisation with affordable Low Cost SEO plans is cost-effective and a long term method of generating traffic for your website. The opportunity presented by search engines have created an opportunity for smart companies taking up digital to outperform their competitors regardless of company size.  This is because a person can’t see how physically big a company is behind a website we are all on a level digital playing field as long we we can deliver.

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Simply unbelievable value

We don’t compromise value, we never will as it goes against our ethos, we offer SEO Services Australia wide and provide affordable cost effective plans and packages. Our company with our teams of Search Engine Marketing professionals have the years of experience and know-how to support and mentor your company to success and outrank the other competitors, even when they copy your work . We specialise in proximity based SEO through Google Analytics, so you will be found online.


Ethical & Reliable

Your site is SAFE with us

In today’s market, it is important that a RELIABLE approach is taken when following the guidelines of Google and major search engines for successful SEO results. LCS have the processes in place, and an expert team to implement ethical optimisation and Our SEO Companies White hat techniques.

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SEO just like most the other professions, needs years of study and application.  Given that 95% of people this century search for products online (rather than in traditional areas), an marketing professional is essential in guiding you through the minefield of ever changing Google Algorithms.

The days of ‘build it and they will come are over. These days you need to engage with the younger generation of customers to get new foot traffic through the door, this is done using local skills and Search Engine Services utilising the social networks. We can also help with planning events to boost your social traffic and social rankings.


We don’t just offer cheap prices, actually its the opposite we want you to stay long term, that’s what’s needed, we make it cost effective to do so this is why people join with us.


LCS offers more than just classic SEO Australian Services, we help with your online strategy, Google AdWords, social presence, help locate your optimal online traffic content through Google Analytics, and work with you to hit up your local markets to bring more foot traffic through your door. We can assist with:

  • Online Business Promotion
  • Online AdWords Strategy
  • Small Business Consulting
  • Search Engine Marketing Services Sydney
  • Online 45 sec video promotions
  • Comapny Article Writing Style
  • Social Blogging
  • Social Profile
  • Social Profile Evaluation
  • Help build your online brand
  • Help you connect with your existing customer base through eDM and Direct mail.

Social Media Optimisation Included for your website


  • Facebook-Profile & Page Creation
  • Facebook-Promote the products
  • Twitter-Create a Profile
  • Twitter-Promote the services and products
  • Goggle+-Create a Profile&Page
  • Goggle+-Promote your business
  • YouTube-Create a Channel
  • YouTube-Promote the services and products. Video to be provided
  • Pinterest-Create a profile
  • Pinterest-Promote your product items.

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Features you’ll Enjoy with LCS

Our cost effective SEO plans are feature packed and extremely reliable!


Efficient SEO


LCS have various pre-set SEO services in Sydney to fulfil your requirement and budget, in an efficient and timely manner.




Our devoted Quality Assurance team is always there to check that the quality of the work is being maintained properly.




LCS provide Organic search engine marketing through White Hat SEO Techniques to make sure that your website never gets Penalized by Search Engines!




LCS provide you with detailed, regular reports so you can track your website’s performance.


panda friendly


LCS monitor algorithm updates from Google, to ensure we provide a search engine optimisation friendly website.


Committed SEO Firm


LCS provide committed specialists to look after your campaign and ensure you get results.

let our digital marketing company help you rank as well.


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